6 Facts That Will Make Bitterroot a Sweet Inclusion to Your Diet

“Don’t be deceived by its name, this tiny and nondescript flowering plant hides its magic in its woody root”

Bitterroot Turned Sweet

This plant is native to the Western regions of North America. These are areas full of meadows, rocky soil or forests which are the ideal conditions needed for this plant to grow.

Bitterroot (Apocynum androsaemifolium) is highly valued for its remedial properties largely due to the wide array of nutrients and other beneficial organic compounds available in the plant’s root.

The Native American community is considered to be the largest consumer of the plant. Bitterroots success in a number of remedies led to its use by medical practitioners and traditional medicine specialists as well.

In case you can tolerate the bitter flavor and have a sufficiently strong stomach to handle this herb, then you will certainly appreciate the extensive variety of medical advantages from this amazing plant. Without further ado, how about we take a closer look at the medical advantages of this peculiar herb.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Bitterroot used to be a primary ingredient in organic remedies to reduce the irritation in respiratory system as well as lungs in the Native American Community. It could effectively loosen mucus and catarrh, while also decreasing the irritation and agonizing inflammation, just like in the case of Pleurisy. This discovery gained bitterroot some popularity. As a result, it became a major ingredient in popular remedies for patients suffering from various gastrointestinal disorders, arthritis, and gout.

When eaten, the tender numbing effect of Bitterroot can be used to soothe sore throats as well.


2. Skin Cleanser

Several organic compounds present in bitterroot can lead to cleansing of the skin. These compounds can also help in protecting your skin from infection and decay as well. Some of the antioxidant compounds found in this amazing herb can eradicate the elements that speed up the aging process of a human skin.

It can stimulate human growth making it highly essential for children whilst keeping the skin look smooth and attractive for years.


3. Detoxify The Impurities From Your Body

The small flowering plant is widely used to detoxify the impurities out of the human metabolism. This has earned it the title of being ‘Diuretic’.

Include bitterroot in your diet to protect your kidneys from harmful toxin accumulation in the body.


4. Better for Cardiac health

Probably one the oldest purpose of bitterroot was to slow down the pulse rate. This, therefore, made it acted as a comforting agent in the treatment of Cardiac complications.

Bitterroot also has an effect on blood flow.This results in a systematic release of excess stress on the cardiovascular system. The use of Bitterroot can help inhibit the further development of other cardiovascular conditions such strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerosis.


5. Alleviate Stomach Pain

Although a handful of people with overly sensitive stomachs have faulted Bitterroot for being the cause of stomach upsets, this doesn’t negate the fact that it has traditionally been used to settle the said upset stomach.

It is historically known that Native Americans use to chew up the leaves and eat the woody root, whenever they suffered from any sort of gastrointestinal complications.


6. Increase Circulation and Maintains Level of Blood Sugar

A recent study by Rose E. Honey of The George Washington University has claimed that Bitterroot has a positive impact on the symptoms associated with DIabetes. Eating the wooden root of the plant helps in maintaining a stable level of blood sugar in the body.

It also reduces the chances of diabetic shock.


7. Throbbing Pain Relief

Bitterroot shines brightly when it comes to pain relief. This is especially in terms of chest pain from certain heart conditions like angina. It has been determined to be able to relieve pain in just a few minutes.

Bitterroot can also be used externally to treat a knife cut, surgery wound, and sore muscles.


Final Thought?

Though bitter, the inclusion of Bitterroot to your diet will provide benefits that few conventional medicines can match. Use Bitterroot and discover how ‘bitter’ can sometimes be described as being ‘sweet’


Just For You!

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photo credit: Lewisia rediviva on Tronsen Ridge via photopin (license)


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