5 Important Reasons Why Organic Food is better for You & Your Family

Once a fad for the upper class, organic food is currently the biggest growing sector in the market, worldwide.

Organic Foods

Consumers are willing to happily pay 20-25% extra for organic food than conventional food. This prompts the question,

“Is organic food worth the extra price?”

Many people actually prefer to consume organic food for altruistic motives. Before going any further, one would wonder how is Organic food is comparatively better than Conventional food.

What is Organic Food?

In simple terms, Organic food is a production system that follows specific standards that certainly do not allow the use of any substance permitted in conventional food production systems. These substances include pesticides, antibiotics, and fertilizers.

What is the Difference Between Organic and Conventional Foods?

Organic food is environmentally friendly. This is because Organic farming strives to enhance environmental conditions and conserve earth’s resources.

On the other hand, Conventional food permits the use of pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics, and fertilizers that would increase the intake of chemicals in the human diet.
Suffice to say, it is obvious organic foods are more suitable for everyone.

What are the Health benefits of Organic Foods?

WHat are the fringe perks that you are definitely going to enjoy when you introduce organic foods into your diet?

  1. Organic Foods Are Less Likely To Cause Breast Cancer

Lindane, a chemical heavily linked to the cause of breast cancer finds its way into the human body through the pesticides used in non-organic dairy products. SInce organic farming prohibits the use of any pesticides, therefore, it is less likely for it to be the cause of breast cancer.

Lindane belongs to the group of chemicals widely known as ‘Organchlorines’ that also includes DDT, a banned chemical. Despite DDT being banned, it has been used in our fields’ throughout the year, it is also likely that the cow fed on Lindane sprayed diet could also pass the chemical through their milk. Therefore, an utter ban on this chemical is mandatory for the sake of the health of people.

2. Organic Foods Will Boost your Vitamin intake

Most of us are already aware that we should eats fruits and vegetables every day.

Shane Heaton, a Nutrition expert at Soil Association, claims that an average organic meal can increase your intake of vitamin C by about 27%. He also found that minerals, for instance, iron (required for production of blood in your body), magnesium (essential for building muscle tissues) and imperative of all: phosphorous (for building strong and healthy bones) increased by 29%

3. Better for Children’s growth

Many campaigners actually believe that young children should not be exposed to any sort of additives as they might affect their sensitive immune systems.

Lizzie Vann, an expert, published a report after conducting research, entitled “Carrots or Chemistry”. Upon a keen review of the report, she mentioned specifically that children’s food must not contain any sort of artificial flavorings. Children are required to only have the best quality nutrients to grow properly.

Maurice Hansen, backing the report, claims that a diet containing the chemical Sulphites can lead to any adverse effects. He also claims that they might trigger allergic reactions in some people and have been connected with hyperactivity in young-children.

4. Better For Skin Care

Organic fruits have been known to be a remedy for acne, ulcers and unwanted zits for centuries. There are a lot of benefits associated with consuming organic foods which result in smooth, healthy, and flawless skin. Even when consulting a skin specialist, by first choice they will recommend you to increase the amount of organic fruits in your diet — even when prescribing a medication for severe cases. This is because inorganic fruits are fed upon different chemicals. When ingested, they could cause an allergic reaction which will lead to unwanted pimples on your skin or roughness of your skin.

5. Good for Hangover

Drinking organic wine is less likely to result in a hangover. This is because they are free from Sulphur Dioxide – a commercial preservative that is profoundly used in non-organic wines. This is the actual ingredient that leads to hangover headaches.


After Thoughts

It doesn’t require a PhD or heavy research to recognize the health benefits of using Organic products. It is possible to eat, drink and wear organic products. Considering the health benefits, such as smoothness of skin and more nutritious diet, it is always a better choice to start using organic products.

What are your views on the Organic product debate? Share your views in the comment section below.

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photo credit: Chili via photopin (license)


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