This is Why The Kiwi Fruit is The Healthiest Food For You

There are two important aspects in any person’’s life. These are health and wealth. Both of them are related to each other. Wealth can be earned through hard work and dedication and for that you must be in good shape and of good health.


There are several foods in our natural environment that can make a positive impact on an individual’’s health. Kiwifruit, yes, the name in itself is just as interesting as the fruit itdelf.

It has been described as being a small fruit with a creamy green flesh.

The Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C, equivalent to that found in an orange. This fruit grows in different parts of the world with California being the key region in the United States if America. It is available between the months of November and May.

In New Zealand, it’’s available between June and October.

What are the benefits of this unique fruit?

1. Immunity Booster and Aging Solution

As mentioned above, the Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C. Your daily requirement of vitamin C is fulfilled with just two medium sized kiwis. It has been proved in a series of medical studies that vitamin C helps boost the immune system and fights aging and mental stress. It also adds in a bonus of healthy bones, teeth and blood vessels.

Kiwifruit also contains a rare fat-free form of vitamin E. Vitamin E is a good antioxidant and studies have proved that it protects against cell damage that can cause cancer.

2. Memory Booster

Kiwifruit contains an important nutrient known as serotonin. It’’s a hormone with cardiovascular and digestion related functions. This nutrient boosts memory, learning capabilities and lighten your mood. It keeps you active all the time so that you can concentrate much more. People consuming kiwifruit tend to develop a good appetite as well. Replace your coffee cup with serotonin in the morning to improve alertness.

3. Maintain Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can result in heart attacks and other cardiac complications. Kiwifruit contains magnesium which is important for proper nerve and muscle function. It also boosts energy levels. Two Kiwifruits every day can manage your blood pressure.

4. Need More Oxygen?

Kiwifruit lightens the load on your respiratory system. Studies have proved that those who eat five to seven Kiwifruits have experienced less breathing problems compared to those who hadn’t. It also relieves wheezing and coughing.

5. I can see a Kiwi! (The Animal)

Studies have proved that as you get older, day-by-day, your eyesight decreases. The reason behind this is that your body does not get sufficient amounts of lutein, which is key to good eyesight, as you age. The Kiwifruit is loaded with the phytochemical lutein. This is a carotenoid vitamin that can reduce the risk of age-related blindness.

6. Rich in Fiber

Kiwifruit is rich in fiber, two kiwifruits contains more fiber than most cereals. This fruit gives cereals a run for their money, as the expressions, when it comes to ensuring that your digestive system remains healthy and without complications.

7. Kiwi-lectable

Don’t let its green color put you off from eating it. The Kiwifruit is naturally delicious. You have to simply peel it and eat it to experience its sweetness. You can add them to your fresh salads. They can even be added to a fresh cup of Greek yogurt.

Parting Shot

Kiwifruit is small but very effective. The various health benefits mentioned above prove that a daily consumption of kiwifruit is must to live healthily and stay healthy. There are no side effects related to it that have been reported so far.

What do you think about this tiny green fruit? Share your views and possible recipes below in the comment section and don’t forget to have a Kiwifruit today!

References :

photo credit: Kiwi via photopin (license)

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